Joining parts (tubes) for bicycle manufacturing can be done in several ways. I have found some phrases and words that can give us ideas on what to search to read about the different methods or techniques available to get a permanent join of two pieces. These phrases are:

  • Autogenous welding of bicycle frames (soldadura autógena).
  • Oxy welding of bicycle frames.
  • Oxy propane fillet brazing of bicycle frames.
  • Brazing of bicycle frames.

I know very little about welding, so I had to search and read first to know what is available. The objective is to learn about the different methods for joining tubes for bicycle manufacturing. The first I have to understand seems to be the difference between Brazing (there is TIG brazing), soldering and welding (there is TIG welding). They are different.



Weigth of some Brompton bicycle models:

  • M3L - 11.5 kg
  • M3L-X - 10.5 kg
  • S2L - 10.7 kg
  • S2L-X - 9.8 kg
  • P6R - 12.4 kg
  • P6R-X - 11.5 kg


(, 2018):

(, 2018):

ASM Handbook - Volume 06A: welding fundamentals and processes. 

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